tOdaY vs ToniTe

Posted by jed_biru | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, April 26, 2009

martina, kevin, abdul rasyid(somalian), musab(yaman), punnagai, n ehem2..
huahua.... last day g program muar gemilang.. lol really happy la.. even though all my frens are non-malay, they're cool.. really.. we r going to the SMKA Maahad Muar,n become a fasilitator.. suka tgok bdak2 yang 'open minded' walaupon bersekolah di sekolah agama... (tapi x lah melanggar batas2).. tired of speaking all the time actually.. but i have so much fun.. thanks 4 ur cooperation guys!! untill we meet again.. then in the nite.. im become one of the SIFE representative in "MALAM ANUGERAH PELAJAR"... im smiling all the times ( time ucapan yg mbusankn adalah terkecuali..).. wohoho.. tapi pic dinner x dpt lg la... x sempat la bg msuk... next time je la... wanna know more? add me on ym..edward_mint@yahoo.com..hihihihihihihi

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