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These incredible images of waves in the Hawaiian Islands were taken by  Clark  Little, the number one photographer of surf.  He is dedicated to photographing the waves and has published a selection of his best images.  He captures magical moments inside the tube as surfers say.
Amazingly beautiful pics!

Sun glints off  wave  

Sand in surf  

This shot captures sand from the ocean's floor being swept up by a monstrous wave and resembles a sandstorm.  Little calls it the Sandmonster.  There were clouds of sand ten feet high and I'm standing there.  I'm holding on to my camera and my trigger as long as I can.  Then I have to jump into the cloud of sand to try to get out of danger's way.  His fans pay as much as $4,000 for his gorgeous photos.

                                                 Tubular shining

                                          Beach - surf crashes down

                                                  Molten liquid gold 

                                           White tumultuous water 

Splash - stunning shot

                                              Red mysterious shot  

                                          Break - wave crashes down  

Beauty - water drops  
This shot is his favorite.  With a high shutter speed he caught the brilliant fanned effect of two waves intersecting each other and throwing out this beautiful fan of water with a kind of glass look.

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musim kemarau la ni, abis pokok cili belakang rumah

Noor Afzan: yes, memang cantik.. subhanallah..
akuvision: pokok cili 2 menangis x henti2 kot..=P kepanasan.. hehe

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