~WeEkeNd coMes To DaDdY~

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~ That's it, look!!!!~

Just a short moment actually, and it was such a relief.. hehe..
The statement that i just post through my FB.. There're not much activities for me during this weekend, last day which is on friday i was attending the SIFE meeting in the main campus. U know what? A representative from SIFE MALAYSIA was here. Thanks for coming guys!! even it was juz two of you, but we still get the POINT.. Special thanks to Mr ZUL, for his talks and advices. Simple, fix, mix, but seriously... inspired me!!

It was all about the new criteria which have been created for the SIFE National Competition starting this year. There are Six criteria that we have to simply focus on. He motivate us, helping out our project planning, giving opinion an ideas..etc. Thanks for the information and help but unfortunately Mr Zul will quitting SIFE..(dont know when it will officially announced).. forgot lol...

Actually it was just a simple meeting, instead of a formal 1, Mr Zul lead us informally. Refreshment?? also got, but the taste? yuks!! such.. dont know what to say la.. the curry puff~ i thought they put too much marjerin on it, and its 'inti'?? huh really... then we also got donuts.. what can i say~AVERAGE..bole la...Luckily ada orange..still CNY ma..haha..credit for those who in charging the refreshment. (and for those yang prepare all that kuih muih, nice try, make it better next time..)

Nonsense~why did i talk about refreshment all of sudden!!! palui.. hahah.. Got 1 more event actually, 1 day camp at Bukit Soga, it will be held on tomorrow morning till the afternoon. but i will not attending this program. Dont know why.. Mau Relaks maybe. MIntakpujik!!!!. aha.. before i 4gt, SALAM MAULIDUR RASUL for all muslimin n muslimat all over the WORLD. Cheers!!!!

p/s~ Last nite karok sampai lebam.. even voice r sucks!!!!! 
~ today? dunno wat 2 do, finishing all my assignment (maybe).. xoxoxox
~ Should i go 2 JB?? ( have 2 decide before this afternoon ).~~~


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i'm da first to drop a comment here..? yeah! hihihi nice try blogging in english.. :) keep up da good work okek :)

tQ so much cik Ecah.. have a nice day! cheers!!!! ~~~

rase nak karok jugak la


jom2!! haha =P

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