~BeLia versi Skema~..hehe

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belia versi skema..kui3

Got a mission? Ambition? Dream??..hehe
*this is actually a reminder, and a words of spirit for me and all peoples out there..*

As long as we keep trying to be the best, that was enough? Is it? But how long it will takes to reach our satisfaction. It's not about money we are talking about, it’s about us, about passions, about life and satisfaction..For those who has succeed with his/her dream, that was really a good job. Congratulation!!!..Truly lucky la you.. but for those who still sleep tightly "under their soft and warm blanket", they will only can dream..

I'm asking you friend.. what do you want?.. i mean. What do you want to be in the future?. Don't answer me," I want to be a useful person, can always do something for my country, my people, my religion.. Everything." That was really an "expired" word for us to be heard. 

Want to be a millionaire? 
Want to be a successful entrepreneuer?
Want to be a politician?
Want to be a success worker?
Want to be a famous actor/acting?
Want to be a great leader?

That was all dreams and ambitions my dear friends. If you got this kind of dream, try your best and beat the rest. Don't ever try to use "short cut" to get anything you want. (or should i say, "don’t use violence?")hehe Don't dare to put yourself at risk. and remember, love your passion...

Since there was a celebration for our teenagers, youth.. Malaysia proudly present to you Youth'10 festival at Putrajaya. This is actually a great event and a very good opportunity for us since all youth from all over regions of the country will takes part, Youth from different cultures and races. (1 Malaysia huh?). Damn! I can't even join this biggest youth festival.

So, for all youth..Be prepared, learn as much things as you can get. Let us reach whatever we wanted..
No smoke, No drug, No bad social issues anymore...

p/s- selamat hari belia dan selamatkan belia.
-majulah belia untuk Negara.


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memang skema weh gambar tu...kui3

haha... jom jadi budak skema sebentar..

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