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"I have been choosing Merry Horticultural Development sdn. Bhd as my subjected company (company registration- 220033-X )"

A month ago, we were given a very interesting task which will be considered as 10% carry mark from our final grade. (subject: financial for construction).. credit to Dr Hayati, our beloved lecturer who gave this really good opportunity for us. =P  

the individual assignment~ focused more on the financial manager. but this time, i bring only a beautiful scene of this company. Refreshing huh!!

Merry Horticultural Development Sdn Bhd, formally known as Merry Nursery, was established in 1976 by Mr. Tan Ah Lee. Over the past 34 years, they have gradually grown to become one of the leading grower, wholesaler, trader and exporter of landscape plants in Malaysia. For years, they offer landscapers and designer great services and real benefits by able to supply huge varieties of quality plants range from ground covers to gigantic trees and palms. And for the years to come, they will strive to maintain their reputation and further improve their quality.
        This nursery owned about 100 acres of cultivated land with huge collections tropical palms, jungle and native trees, bamboos, ferns, scrubs, and pot plants. As the time being, Merry Nursery currently employs 60 over workers comprising 40% local and 60% foreign worker. All workers are well trained and capable in handling different responsibility in the operation.

Me with Miss Zeo Chong (the Financial Controller) ,after the interview session.
Also the ads board beside the main road at Parit Raja.

        This nursery was located in Parit Raja. A small town 18 km away from Batu Pahat town center. Merry Nursery was supply to Malaysia and Singapore regional garden centers, landscapers and government bodies. In year 2000, this company was diversify into high quality indoor pot plants mainly for the supply of local and Singapore market. They are proud of their commitment to the horticultural nursery industry. In year 2003, Merry expanded their business in to Hydroculture facilities targeting future export market to Europe, Middle East and other Asian countries especially Korea and Japan.
        To become one of the biggest nursery and exporter in this region, Merry have a group of long term associate growers that has been supporting Merry for many years. With the constant support of their associate growers, Merry is able to grow rapidly in both domestic and international market.
        With the rapid growth of plants industry, engaging in pre-growing contracts provides and ultimate solution between the customers and grower. Customers are able to obtain best quality plants at the best rates by working closely with them.

Nice place, nice environment, nice job, keep it up!!!

A million of thanks to Mr Marcus Tan Kok Wee (marcus@merryhorticulture.com) and his financial manager,Mss Zeo Chong, for giving such a good cooperation. even just 1 day, finally i can finish my individual assignment successfully!! 
for more information about this company please visit www.merryhorticulture.com

p/s~ very tired kalu wat last minute, lebih 10 company keluar masuk cari yang mana bole.. but only this company accepting me,, DUSH!!


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Assalamualaikum... Salam ziarah dari sahabat.. nice blog n good entry..

Sedikit tips dan info buat teman2 bloggers.. perkara remeh yg kita kurang perasan dan tutor 4 the latest read more.. tengok jgn x tengok.. sila klik disini
Semoga bermanfaat insyaAllah.."Sebaik-baik manusia ialah orang yang dapat memberi manfaat kepada orang lain"(Hadis riwayat Al-Qudhi).


P/S: Sedikit perkongsian dan renungan buat sahabat dan diri sendiri dari hamba yang hina jua serba kekurangan ini... sila klik

"Sesungguhnya yang paling ditakutkan daripada apa yang aku takutkan menimpa kalian adalah asy syirkul ashghar (syirik kecil). Sahabat bertanya: "Apakah dimaksudkan syirik kecil itu? Baginda menjawab: Riak." (Hadis riwayat Imam Ahmad).

"Demi masa. Sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian. Melainkan mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh serta saling menasihati untuk kebenaran dan saling menasihati untuk kesabaran". - Surah Al-Asr:1-3.

blog anda bagus dan bermanfaat...!!! Teruskan menulis.. Semoga sejahtera dan semoga sentiasa diberi keberkatan.. wassalam.

tQ bujang susah.. insyaallah.. =P

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