FROG oh KatAk!!

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mr frog, what r u doing? you look so sad....
waiting for my "princess of hope 2 come"..perhaps she will appear ASAP.~ she will hug me, and absolutely kiss me... its like a magic if "she" did..~mr froggie expressed his feeling and talking like reading a poem with fully hearted.
(like want to munntaaahhhh.. wweeeeeekkkkk2)
frog aka KATAK vs princess??
IMPOSSIBLe..(angguk2 geleng2)
damn yeah?? got a problem??
the history itself has telling the truth,,, it was proved!! and i can create the second history just like that.. yeah.. just like that... (strongly confident)
nope, just wondering if there's any princess would like 2 see u...
oh yeah? it was just a mitos dude, not a real fact.. and actually it was just an entertainment for our young child... please stop hoping..
(princess~~ is a name of glamorous, it was wonderful i think=even 'probably' they are not really cute or beauty as a normal princess...)lol
s**t you?
who do you think i am?
an ugly frog?
Damn H**l, i am mr FROGIE, but not as ugly as frog!!! im different, dont you see?? ('frog is cute' dont you agree with this statement??)~mr froggie become really upset..huh!!
just relax man..
i was just kidding.. (just want to be honest actually~ but yeah, some people might have their own thought, and some of them will not goin' to accept any suggestion or any thought from others.. this is what we call as,,, "bodoh Sombong..")
ok.. its ok then ,,, but trust me, my princess will come very soon...(mr frogie calm down and motivating himself)
emm... i hope so... (just pretending~whatever..)
but i still with my opinion that there's nobody would like to come next to you... even if they pass by... they should cover their beloved nose with their soft and beautiful finger.. trust me!!~(you are horrible,really.. Damn smelly...)~oh no man,, opss i did it again!!
ooo, dont be so mean.. ong! ong! ong!
(mr frogie was very sad with that statement and starting to pull out his weird song~ ong! ong!.. and definitely making his tears to come down... and finally... IT IS rAIN)~
* so, do you think his 'princess of hope will come to him?'...
the ONLY answers is in your hand... WATCHOUT!!!!!!

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