Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009 Malaysia

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Global Movement of Entrepreneurial People..
kui3... macam nk bg report lak kan.. padahal aku pg pon juz as a supporter a.k.a observer je.. haha.. tapi da most important thing is, i got an experiences n have fun,,, a lot...
our uthm team wlupon x dpt g final, but at least dpt gak spirit award.. kira ok la 2...
guys! u've done ur very best.. congratulation!! huahua... well, lupa lak.. this is actually a competition for all SIFErs in Malaysia. wat kat PWTC.. (pwtc..wooo.... makan 1st class... vely2 da sedap 1... later i show u ek)
yg btanding stay kat htel ne..(4 star 2~jakun) best2.. ktorang yg menyibuk ne stay kat grand pasific je... tp kre ok gak r.. best2.
1st class.. vely da delicious 1.. i love da puding.. cake.. it was soooo swweeeetttt....
won da spirit award.. kui3.. congratulation to all sife members.. very proud of u guys. "together we make difference!!!" .. like wat 1 of da sife membe said in her presentation..."because practice make perfect..." also "we create win-win situation"... alltogether: "we can do it!!"

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