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Posted by jed_biru | Posted in | Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2009

boring! boring! boring!
sepanjang hari menghabiskan masa dirumah, without anything i can do.. (liar).. im done with surfing, done with eating, done with sleeping... still not satisfied huh!
aku nak buat itu, tapi tak boleh la macam tu. aku nak buat begini, tapi masih tak boleh kalau macam ni... semua serba tak kena... come on man! you have to do something.. (don't be like this)
i try to figure it out...
senarionya, aku masih lagi di sini... so boring...tired of being like this. but, how can i do that? early plan nak visit melaka, tapi cancel plak... program weekend pon cancel..suma cancel..what the ****!! real s***!! hehe i thought, my life would suck without doing enjoyable things!
(i've no idea)
is there anyone can help me? motivate me or something? hmm, helpless.......
i am 90.90% confident that....what? (macam statistik la plak kan)
semua orang akan menghadapi waktu2 yang boring terutama sekali apabila kita bosan.. bosan n boring? bukan sama ka tu? punya palui... hahahahahahahah

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