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After pesta konvo... i thought i will juz staying at my house.. but then, we have to move into anther house all becoz of da H!N!... even during pesta konvo, we r using da mask.. burden on us. sesak napas lol.. i cant breath!! . then later.. we also have 2 move.. student who suspected h1n1 positive will be placed in our prev house.. burden on us.. again..angkat2 brg..n booking vs looking 4 another house. huhuh.. on wednesday..12th august.. for the last mnutes.. im goin to kuantan, pahang.. (last mnute decision).. juz wke up in the mrng then i mentioned dat the uthm bus will only depart after 9 am..after callin the mpp.. i got da free "entering" ticket.. so.. yeah.. no need 2 buy la..lets cuti2 malaysia,..
im visiting my friend at kuantan.. juz 1 day n 1 nite.. goin 2 da kuantan parade.. teluk cempedak... (but only 4 a while).. then nex day.. im goin 2 kuala trganu, tganu... arrive at 2 smtg then i hve 2 wait 4 my fren from UMT..
(visit my old fren there, dhame)
yami2.. mknan yg wajib makan kat ganu... lekor..
ive spend bout 5 days at ganu, walking and seeing around.. the best part at k.ganu is da beach.. it was really beautiful. my ex rummate, subry bring me to visit certain2 part at k.ganu such as da beach, masjid terapung, da town, n da most important is eating da traditional food like nasi dagang, nasi lemak, and nasi kerabu.
besh2!! cuti di tepi pantai.. but very pity.. can not mandi manda.. huhuuhuhuh
this is actually one a da view at UMT beach.. curik2 masuk without student card n helmet..(yala, kan naik motor, helmet x cukup..then later bru 1 of my fren's membe g amek dia pya helmet-singgah masuk kg tempat ruma sewa membe..)
after 5 days, i decide 2 go to penang..becoz my aunty ask me 2.. yo la, she said she will sponsor my tambang balik... it will be my pleasure aunty.. hehe.. staying over 2 days at her house then goin 2 bandar baharu, kedah.. at my uncle punya mama sama papa punya ruma..haha
sempat la jugak puasa sehari disana sebelum balik bp... fasting month is coming.. what is dat mean....???

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